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   This website, Size UK, was created to help guide you in the form most convenient and easy to determine the size of men's and women's footwear and apparel in the values ​​used in the UK. There is also the possibility of converting to the size of other states.

Guide to convert men's clothing sizes UK.

 men cloting size UK

        How to choose the correct suit size?
 A classic men's suit, because of its versatility and beauty, is in the wardrobe of every man who is watching their own style. However, if you decide to buy a suit for the first time, you should know what are the different types of costumes, and most importantly - how to hold the fitting in order to be sure that the costume suited to your size and your figure.

Womens size guide clothing UK US Aus.

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     Using the guide, which is contained on this page, you can easily and naturally convert the dimensions of women's clothing ( jackets, blouses, dresses, and coates ) of the sizes used in the UK in the size of other countries ( US, Europe and others ).

   Important: when you buy online stores need to find the possible return of purchase.Recently, there are many cases where the claimed amount is not true!
Information on how to determine your clothing size.

   Clothing sizes - a literal or a numeric code that corresponds to a certain

Women's shoes size guide UK conversion to other countries

               The correct size of shoes women: the basic rules for choosing.

  Go shopping in the morning is better - because the night after a busy day, the legs are often swollen, and tense muscles can not adequately appreciate the convenience offered by the seller of shoes. The correct selection of shoe size, not the least, depending on its type: for example, when mounting shoes or boots with high heels, it is necessary that the foot does not move to block. Otherwise, stretch shoes (especially the skin) feet will move forward, not only will make the legs shoes are not the most pleasant experience, but also can damage the heel.

UK shoe men size guide converter.

      International Calculator guide the transformation of the size of men's shoes are also very relevant. On this page you can compare the sizes of shoes, which are used in different countries and different systems of measurement. You can enter your size in the line of "UK" and you will at the same moment, the calculator will show how this will be denoted by the size of countries such as USA, Mexico, Japan, Russia, France, as well as it will appear in Europe and international notation.

Bra size guide UK - US - Europe.

 bra-size guide UK
  The following guide, you can easily convert from a standard bra sizes in UK labeling, which is used in other countries. It is also advised to read the recommendations on the proper selection of bra.

Glove size guide UK, EU, US.

  Size of gloves is traditionally indicated in French inches. To determine your size, measure the amount of hand-centimeter band in the middle of the palm near the base of the thumb, slightly bending the wrist. The resulting value must be in centimeters divided by 2.71, and the result is rounded to 0.5. You can not measure the size of the brush measuring tape, where on one side - the division in centimeters, and the other - in inches UK. On these tapes printed English inches. The most popular sizes of women's gloves - 6, 6 ½, 7, 7 ½, 8, 8 ½. The most popular sizes of men's gloves - 8, 8 ½, 9, 9 ½, 10.