Glove size guide UK, EU, US.

  Size of gloves is traditionally indicated in French inches. To determine your size, measure the amount of hand-centimeter band in the middle of the palm near the base of the thumb, slightly bending the wrist. The resulting value must be in centimeters divided by 2.71, and the result is rounded to 0.5. You can not measure the size of the brush measuring tape, where on one side - the division in centimeters, and the other - in inches UK. On these tapes printed English inches. The most popular sizes of women's gloves - 6, 6 ½, 7, 7 ½, 8, 8 ½. The most popular sizes of men's gloves - 8, 8 ½, 9, 9 ½, 10.

US Sizes
6-7 inches XS
7-8 inches S
8-9 inches M
9-10 inches L
10-11 inches XL
11 plus inches XXL

EU Sizes
152 - 178 millimeters EU - 6
178 - 203 millimeters EU - 7
203 - 229 millimeters EU - 8
229 - 254 millimeters EU - 9
254 - 279 millimeters EU - 10
279 plus millimeters EU - 11

   Please read the guidelines for the choice of gloves. In fact, besides the proper selection of size, there are no less important points.                                            Instruction   Tailored pair of gloves at a minimum of sixteen parts. Any additional items and decorative inserts reduce their life.Warmest - Gloves made of suede, the strongest - from goat skin. Sheep skin - nice and smooth, but does not warm, which can compensate for the lining. Although Baikov, even silk, wool though, it must be tailored precisely to fit gloves - do not pull the skin and does not meet the folds. And the palm-lined, and must have free space: If the glove tight - hand freeze.   High-quality gloves are 2-3 years and sometimes longer. So it makes sense to invest in a quality thing.So the first thing to start - it is a sober assessment of his clothes (his color schemes) and their financial capabilities that will determine what material and what color you choose would be worth gloves.In this way you will save yourself time and will not be distracted by what you, in fact, it is not necessary. Once you take a decision on the material and style to determine your size.And only then can go to the store or on the show. Here, once at the counter, and perceived favorite pair of gloves, as well as specifying the presence of the correct size, proceed to their critical evaluation.  1. Wear them. Even if you know your size, never buy without trying on gloves. For your hands are different, and kroyatsya model the average standard. Do not buy too tight gloves in the hope that they will stretch (and may dry up) and, conversely, too broad - can raspolztis.If possible, peremeryayte several identical models of the same size as the gloves have to sit on you like a glove and should not be any "wrinkle" or "collection", otherwise these protectors of our hands of them will not work.If the size is determined correctly, suede or leather gloves are easy to put on his hand and did not hamper her movements. Between the lining and hand must be free space: If the glove tight - hand freeze.Remember that gloves are stretched only in the transverse direction, taking the form of hand. So do not pull it between your fingers, pull up a sleeve. Winter leather gloves lined will be warmer if you do take a little more than gloves without lining. If the glove on his hand sitting perfectly ... 2. Examine the quality of the material and lining. How to identify leather or not - you can find here. When choosing gloves, pay attention to the details of an open cut, which shows the reverse side of the material. In the natural skins - familiar to all fuzzy surface, may look artificial in many ways, for example, are often drawn yarn.Buying suede gloves, carefully consider them. The skin should be smooth, fine-grained, with a few small fibers. If the villi are clearly visible, these gloves will be ruined quickly. Well look nubuck products, but they are not practical, as quickly salted. To glove longer retained their original appearance, and served for more than one season, the skin should be no "fine lines" and wrinkles. Also, be sure to pay attention to the seam between the thumb and forefinger. Punctures the skin on the seam should not have small cracks, or gloves to tear fast.As we have said, very warm - gloves of suede (due to pile them perfectly protect your hands from the wind), the strongest - from goat skin. Sheep skin - nice and smooth, but does not warm, which can compensate for the lining. Although Baikov, even silk, although wool, or fur, it must be tailored precisely to fit gloves - do not pull the skin and does not meet the folds. Knitted fabric lining should be no delay.  3. Choosing leather and suede gloves, take a look at the way in which they are made. The quality of glove depends not only on the tanning of the skin, but, of course, from sewing. Should carefully consider whether the straight line and there are no gaps seams. Gloves, sewn by hand - for the wealthy.Handmade is always prestigious and expensive. These products are valuable because they are convenient for repair: in fact they do not have a seam inside and outside. So basically sewed men's gloves. At the same time does not diminish its elegance, but significantly increased demands on sewing.The slightest wrong move, you pull at a thread, and all of the product is spreading apart at the seams. Type of joint (internal or external) on the bond strength is not affected. Gloves with a seam on the outside is easier to sew if you suddenly disperse line.Check the strength of the thread - it should be well twisted, smooth, shiny. As for the lining, there is the opposite: the outer line would rub his hand. It is best to choose a product that has a seam on the lining of the secret. If the line is not at all, then laminated lining - a quick drop off. Yes, the availability of gloves, pads required! Unlined, prosohnuv, your product is wet, like shagreen skin, be sure to diminish in size.  4. Rate cut a whole. A simple pair of gloves tailored as a minimum of sixteen parts in a special way, taking into account viscosity of the skin. Any additional items and decorative inserts reduce their life. It is better to discard the gloves, made of pieces. These products are not tightly encircle the arm, and possibly some time to lose form. 5. And finally, check the color. Choosing unknowingly defective products, you run the risk, once caught in the rain or snow, come home with blue or red-handed. Therefore, ideally, a better glove to rub a wet handkerchief or a piece of paper before purchasing and see if there are any traces of paint on it. However, this information is more about the people who buy gloves in the transitions originating from countries in Asia and Africa ... Winters are harsh with us, because, despite all the vagaries of fashion, warm gloves will never leave our wardrobe. In addition, the gloves are not only warm our hands from the cold, but also give a special glamor and elegance of even the most ordinary suit. The main thing - the right to choose.Leather gloves - a classic that never goes out of fashion in the UK. You can wear them with anything, even with a sports jacket, mink fur coat with the least to toe. In autumn and spring can recommend gloves thin huskies, which tightly fits the hand. In winter, these gloves can be cold - it would be preferable heated version - with a knitted or replanting with fur.The color of gloves, in principle, can be any, as long as they are in harmony with the rest of the ensemble. For example, match the color of the hat or scarf, or a full color copy of your coat.Furry is also quite relevant, but do not wear these gloves with a fur coat or a coat, the sleeves of which are decorated with fur.Fan of teen fashion leather gloves may be advisable to rough seams and looking out the fur around the wrist. Knitted gloves. Warm and comfortable. They can recommend as a supplement to sportswear. Well look, these gloves in conjunction with a knitted cap, especially if they match in color and texture. It is fashionable to decorate knitted gloves with embroidery and appliques.Lovers of contemporary sport style can recommend gloves waterproof synthetic fabric. Inside these gloves are usually equipped with a knitted or fur-lined and have elastic around the wrist or cords, which will protect your hands from the wind. Freeze in the gloves is almost impossible, so they are indispensable during outings in the cold season.Mittens. They again came into vogue about a year ago and is very fond of both women and fashion designers. Especially popular are they among young people. Mittens can be leather or knitted. Leather gloves are often decorated with a furry, embroidery and beads. Crochet - bright ornaments. Wearing gloves can be in your pocket, but you can with an elastic band as a kid. This is not only very fashionable, but comfortable - mittens are never lost and always at hand.Suede gloves. This is not so much a function, but simply beautiful and elegant thing. You can wear them with a coat, or simply as a supplement to the suit. The color gloves are not the main thing the main thing - the total combination of colors. Gloves can be approached by the color of the suit, and can be contrasted and combined with a bag and shoes.